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California (CARB) EVR Compliance

Executive Order VR-201-V
All IOMs Full VR-201-V Download [ PDF - 6.39 MB ]

VR-201-V Legal Document pdf


Exhibit 1 Equipment List pdf
Exhibit 2 System Specifications pdf
Exhibit 3 Manufacturing Performance Standards and Specifications pdf
Exhibit 4 Determination of Static Pressure Performance of the Healy Clean Air Separator pdf
Exhibit 5 Vapor to Liquid Volume Ratio pdf
Exhibit 6 Manufacturer Warranties pdf
Exhibit 7 Nozzle Bag Test Procedure pdf
Exhibit 8 Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3 pdf
Exhibit 9 Liquid Condensate Trap Compliance Test Procedure pdf
Exhibit 10 This section left intentionally blank
Exhibit 11 This section left intentionally blank
Exhibit 12 Veeder-Root Maintenance Tracker (Optional) pdf
Exhibit 13 Below-Grade Vaulted Tank Configuration pdf

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals (IOM)
and other materials
Full IOM VR-201-R Includes Cover through all IOMs below [PDF - 21.4 MB]

Cover Table of Contents pdf
IOM 1 Scheduled Maintenance pdf
IOM 2 Nozzle pdf
IOM 3 Clean Air Separator Pressure Management System pdf
IOM 4 Inverted Coaxial Hoses pdf
IOM 5 Hose Adaptors pdf
IOM 6 Re-connectable Breakaway Couplings pdf
IOM 7 Flow Limiters pdf
IOM 8 Dispensers with Healy Model VP1000 Vacuum Pump pdf
IOM 9 Liquid Condensate Trap pdf

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