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Executive Order VR-205-B
All Exhibits Includes Exhibits 1 through 9 below. pdf

VR-205-B Legal Document pdf


Exhibit 1 Equipment List pdf
Exhibit 2 System Specifications pdf
Exhibit 3 Performance Standards & Specifications pdf
Exhibit 4 Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3 pdf
Exhibit 5 Liquid Removal Test Procedure pdf
Exhibit 6 Required Items in Conducting TP-201.4 pdf
Exhibit 7 Nozzle Bag Test Procedure pdf
Exhibit 8 HIRT VCS 100 Processor with Indicator Panel Operability Test Procedure pdf
Exhibit 9 Warranty pdf

Installation, Operaton and Maintenance Manuals (IOM)
and other materials
Full IOM Includes Cover through Section 14 below. pdf

Cover Cover pdf
TOC Table of Contents pdf
IOM 1 About VST pdf
IOM 2 Table of Terms and Abbreviations pdf
IOM 3 VST Contractor Requirements pdf
IOM 4 System Components pdf
IOM 5 Overview EVR Balance Total System pdf
IOM 6 Daily Inspections pdf
IOM 7 Annual Inspections pdf
IOM 8 ISD Alarm Troubleshooting Summary pdf
IOM 9 Drive-Offs and Customer Abuse pdf
IOM 10 Nozzle Installation pdf
IOM 11 Nozzle Repair Kit pdf
IOM 12 Hose Installations pdf
IOM 13 Breakaway Device Installation pdf
IOM 14 Hirt VCS 100 Vapor Processor and Indicator Panel pdf

Hanging Hardware Compatibility Letter

CARB #07/09 CARB #07/09 pdf 440kb

Commercial Availability Letter

Commercial Availability pdf 60kb

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