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VST Products Overview
VST product offering includes curb pump and vapor recovery hoses, safety breakaways, nozzles and emission
control system processors. The Enviro-Loc™ brand represents the most innovative concept in the industry for
trapping fugitive vapors from the front end (vehical refueling) to the back end (vent stacks) of a GDF site.
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UST Pressure Management Systems      
VST EVR Membrane Processor VST GREEN MACHINE™        

EVR Hanging Hardware
VST EVR Total System Solution VST EVR
Balance Nozzles
Balance Hose
EVR System

Non-EVR Vapor Recovery Hanging Hardware
VST Vacuum
Assist Hose
VST Vacuum
Assist Breakaways

VST Conventional Products
VSTaflex™ Conventional
Curb Pump
ECO Dripless Conventional Nozzles
VST SENTRY Reattachable Breakaways