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March 3, 2004


Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. has supplied CARB approved Healy-style inverted coaxial hose assemblies and breakaways into the vapor recovery market place for many years. 

 - CARB Certification Letter 94-28 – Approval of VST Healy-Style Inverted Coaxial Hose Assembly – Dated Nov. 8, 1994

- CARB Certification Letter 97-5 – Approval of VST Healy-Style Stand Alone Breakaways – Dated May 28, 1997

Recent confusion due to some wording in Executive Order G-70-191-AA had been brought to our attention. Upon investigation and proactive action, VST and CARB are pleased to clarify the issue.  When E.O. G-70-191 was revised to E.O. G-70-191-AA, language allowing alternative CARB certified suppliers of inverted coaxial hoses and breakaways were inadvertently omitted. CARB has acknowledged this oversight and issued the attached correspondence.

Many states require CARB approvals and directives as a basis for their standards concerning vapor recovery systems. Please be assured that VST’s Healy-style products remain CARB certified for use with Healy Systems that are operating under Executive Order G-70-191-AA. The VST Healy-style products offer superior performance, flow rates, durability, and the longest warranty available in the market place. These benefits, coupled with the most competitively priced product selection of Healy-style products, offers the best value in the industry.

VST specializes in the development, engineering, manufacturing, and sale of innovative products used for managing fugitive vapors at gasoline dispensing facilities.

Download CARB Clarification Letter